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Click on the links below to download free, practical pdfs:
  • Newsletters – How to produce on-line and printed newsletters.
  • Marketing Research – How to decide what to sell, how much to sell if for and who to sell it to.
  • Planning – Where is your business going? Put together a plan and it will be easier to achieve your goals.
  • PR – How to write interesting press releases, where to send them and how to make sure you get good press coverage.
  • Presentations – How to use presentations, workshops and speeches to make a real impact.
  • Printed Marketing – Brochures, leaflets, newsletters, business cards, post cards, Christmas cards, letters and much more.
  • Databases – How do you make sure you keep in touch with your clients and prospects? Find out how to build great relationships.
  • Referrals – Word of mouth is a really cost effective way of promoting your business. Find how to encourage more referrals.
  • Measurement – How do you know which marketing activities work? Measure the effect and you will be able to do more of what works.
  • Websites – How to integrate your website with the rest of your marketing.

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