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Successfully use local networks first


Everybody who has a business strives to be bigger, better and more successful. Of course you do, or why would you be in business in the first place!

But I think it’s wise to start small and become really successful before you branch further afield. I read somewhere that entrepreneurs always see the bigger picture, and many are impatient to wait before plunging in at the deep end.

If you are a sure-fire entrepreneur, go ahead. But if you are of more mortal stock, stand back, gather your resources, increase your expertise to dizzying heights and gain the necessary reputation within your chosen niche before you jump off that cliff or venture into the unknown.

And if you are successful in accomplishing all you can within your locality, watch how your reputation spreads through natural marketing methods: word of mouth, referrals, retweeting, subscriptions to your RSS feeds, comments on your social media profiles and blogs, requests to speak at events, being talked about when you’re not in the room, bombarded with questions because you’re the first person they thought of, LinkedIn profile groaning with recommendations, meetings diary booked up months in advance – I could go on…

Where are you within this picture? Are you already there, or do you need some help? What are your strategies for achieving this phenomenon? What are you successes so far? What more do you need to know…?

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