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Do you have a Marketing Plan for your business?

Ad hoc marketing doesn’t work, and to get the best return from your budget you need to find out what marketing works best for your business – and then do more of it! How can you do this? By going through a simple process that shows you how to put together an effective Marketing Plan. Here’s a process you can try for your business:

  1. Situation – where are you now? You need to know your starting point, in terms of your products and services, your resources and your competitors, before you can move on.
  2. Objectives – where do you want to be? Set some short, medium and long term goals for your business.
  3. Strategy – how will you get there? Will you sell more of your existing services to existing clients, new services to existing clients, existing services to new clients or new services to new clients? Each strategy needs different types of marketing.
  4. Targets – who are your ideal clients? They are not everyone with a pulse and a cheque book! You need to be specific.
  5. Tactics – what is the best marketing to do? Don’t try to do everything and don’t do something that won’t get your message to your ideal clients.
  6. Money – how much does it cost? Work out how much you can afford to spend, before you agree to any ‘special offers’.
  7. Manpower – who will do it? Do you know what you’re doing, or do you need help? Do you have staff who are better at networking than you?
  8. Minutes – how long will it take? Marketing is not an overnight, quick fix; you need to allow time for things to work.
  9. Measurements – why should you measure? Because you need to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. The only way you’ll know what’s working is by measuring your marketing.

Follow that process and you can start to build a Marketing Plan that works for your business!

If you need more help, do get in touch and ask any questions you have. Grab a copy of Magnetic Marketing, our book that goes into the planning process in much more detail, or join our 9 week Magnetic Marketing Course and we’ll take you through the different stages, a week at a time.

Good luck with promoting your business and we look forward to hearing from you!

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