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A really good way to grow your business is by looking at the resources you’ve already got and seeing what else you can do with them. This is something I did recently and released that our email newsletter system, Just Add Content (we like to call him JAC for short) was sitting there no really earning his keep.

It got me thinking about email newsletters, about good ways to grow my business and about ways of helping other people to grow theirs. In this issue of Scribbles you’ll find a link to the story of how we're going about relaunching this service, which I hope will give you some ideas on getting more from what you’ve got in your business.

I’ve also included links to lots of useful advice on how you can use email newsletters to grow your business.

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How Can You Use Email Newsletters to Grow Your Business?

How will we relaunch Just JAC? We're doing lots of research to make sure we get it right.

Click here to read JAC's story

Integration is key. You need to integrate your newsletter with all your other marketing to get the best results.

Click here to see how to integrate your newsletter.

Long term marketing. New clients won't come to you over night - you need to think long term.

Click here to see how to use a newsletter for long term marketing.

Growing your mailing list. Once you've started writing an email newsletter, how do you persuade people to subscribe?

Click here to find out!

What have you got in your business that isn’t earning its keep? What products or services have you delivered in the past that could be doing more for your business? Click here to answer this question on LinkedIn.


Summer Special #1

To celebrate the relaunch of Just JAC, we’ve got some special summer offers. Normally you pay £20, £30 or £50 per month +VAT,  depending on your mailing list. Join us before 1 September 2012 and we’ll give you 2 months completely free! To find out more about JAC and this limited offer, click here.


Summer Special #2

To help you produce a great newsletter, we’ve written an ebook that will answer all your questions. It's packed with ideas and advice and costs just £9.99 +VAT. Click here to buy your copy online.


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