How Can You Use Videos To Promote Your Business?

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They say that a picture paints a thousand words. So how many words could you paint with a video? Using a combination of words, pictures, music and graphics, videos are a really powerful way to get your message across to your clients and potential customers.

This issue of Scribbles looks at some of the benefits of using videos for your marketing; and there's a special offer for you on a new workshop we're running in September.

Click here to watch an example of how you can use videos to promote your business.

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Why You Should Use Videos to Promote Your Business

Here are just a few of the benefits of using videos in your marketing:

You can show more than you can tell. Words only allow you to tell someone what you do or how great your service is. There's only so much someone can learn about you and your expertise by reading about you. When they can watch you in person and listen to what you say, they can get a much better feel for who you are and how you might be able to help them. People really do buy people, so you can use a video of you, on your website, to help visitors get to know you. If we've not met yet, click here to watch a video of me introducing my business.

You can't write emotion. However brilliant your copywriting skills, you can't really get true emotion across in written words. Using a video allows you to do this much more effectively. You can properly share your passion for what you do and encourage people act. Think of the emotional adverts you see on the TV that leave you wanting to donate to a particular cause.

Video testimonials are more truthful than written ones. Anyone can write a testimonial and put a client's name to it. But how much truth is there in those words? When you ask a client to tell the video camera what the really think of you and why they work with you, the end result will be far more truthful and authentic. Click here to see an example of what I mean.

Get more website traffic. YouTube is a great place to host your videos, especially as it's the second most used search engine. When you want to how to work your new mobile phone, you can find a video that shows you. When you need advice on getting the best from you staff, you can videos about that too.(Click here for some great ones produced by our HR adviser Sue Ferguson!) You can drive more traffic to your website by putting your videos on YouTube and doing some clever SEO (search engine optimisation) with them.

These are just four of the reasons you should be using videos to promote your business. Have you started yet? If not, what's stopping you?! If you'd like to get started, come to our workshop and we'll make it a painless process!


Video Workshop

Come to our workshop on 24 September to create your perfect video.

Spend the morning getting over your nerves, writing a great script and practicing your delivery.

You'll be filmed in the afternoon and go away with a great video to put onto your website.

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Brunch Briefings

I'll be delivering the 90 Minute Marketing Plan at one of the very popular Brunch Briefings on 25 October 2013 in Wiltshire, to help you kick start your marketing.

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