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Here’s where you can find lots of free stuff to help you build your business and find new clients.

  • Help Sheets

    Download a range of free help sheets, that will give you advice on how to write a press release, how to give a presentation, how to plan your marketing … and lots more.
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  • Scribbles

    Each issue of our regular email newsletter looks at a different aspect of marketing and over the years we’ve covered a lot.
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  • Free Webinars

    We run free webinars on a number of marketing topics. We also interview other business experts who share their knowledge with you.
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  • The 9 Minute Marketing Plan

    Click below for a snap shot on putting together a Marketing Plan that will help you grow your business.
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  • “What do you do?”

    How often are you asked that question at a networking meeting? How often do you struggle to come up with a more interesting question to ask, to get a conversation going?
    Here are 101 alternatives questions you can try out!

  • Videos

    Discover a selection of videos from Appletree and our valued clients to help you on your marketing journey.
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Got a question about marketing that isn’t answered here? Call us on 01635 578 500 or click here to email us your question.

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